Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 12

I was going to go sailing today, but I took a wrong turn, walked a long way toward what I thought was the right harbor, figured out I was wrong, turned around, and missed the boat. I arrived at the right harbor about 15 minutes too late. I was disappointed, but I'm sure I'll have the chance again. I might be a good thing I missed it, because at that pointed I really needed to go to the bathroom. The only public restrooms that I could find around there did not have toilets. Instead they had a square of porcelain on the floor with a drain in the middle. They looked like the bottom of a shower, but there were two raised places to set your feet. If it had been a serious emergency, I would have used them, but I decided to just make my way back to campus.
At the library, I checked out the "Back to the Future" trilogy. I think I can check out books at pretty much every library in Switzerland, or at least the canton of Vaud. (A canton is like a state. Vaud is the canton where Lausanne is.) The libraries that I have visited so far have been pretty specialized though. For example, all of the books at EPFL pertain to Science, Math, Architecture, and Engineering, and all the books at UNIL pertain to the majors there. I want to find some fiction books to read during my transit time, but I have not succeeded yet. EPFL does have a very small Science-Fiction section, but none of them really interest me right now. The DVDs are all science fiction too, but they are free, and there are quite a few that I've either seen and liked, or am interested in watching. I watched "Signs" last weekend. I watch them in French, with the French subtitles. It's actually pretty helpful. I'm starting with movies I've seen though, so I have a better idea what's going on. When my French is better, I'll move to the new ones.

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