Sunday, June 1, 2008

December 27

Sadly, today was rainy, foggy, and cold. We started the day riding the funicular up to Sacre Coeur. My grandfather was whole time we were touring the basilica. He kept saying, "This is mind-boggling, my mind is just boggled!" After, Sacre Coeur, we hopped on a metro to go visit the Eiffel Tower. It was still foggy when we got there, so we didn't go up to the top right away. We wandered around some more, then Megan, Papa, and Mom got in line to go to the top. The line was really LONG. Grandma is not a fan of heights, so she and I went in search of a cafe. We finally found a little Chinese cafe, but found out we'd have to get food if we wanted to be able to stay. We ended up with a small assortment of desserts and rice. We weren't really hungry, we just wanted a warm place to sit for a while.

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