Monday, March 17, 2008

December 24

I took my family on a tour around downtown Lausanne today. I showed them all of the main sites, which are now quite commonplace to me. We visited the Christmas Market and tasted roasted chestnuts and churros. The Lausanne Christmas Market is much less grand that the Montreux market that I had visited earlier in the month.
It was of fun for me to be able to speak French around my family, just because they’ve never really witnessed me do it. Maybe that’s vain of me.
In the evening we relaxed in the apartment and I prepared rosti, a dish similar to hash browns served with meat and a gravy sauce. After dinner, we attended a Christmas Eve church service at St. Francois, an old church downtown. It was a really neat experience for me, but since it was in French, it was rather boring for my family. I told Papa ahead of time that it was ok if he dozed off, just so long as he didn’t snore and he tipped his head forward instead of back so that it would look like he was praying. He heeded my advice.

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