Monday, March 17, 2008

December 25

Merry Christmas! This was a very unusual Christmas for me, just because there was nothing traditional about it at all. I got up at a decent hour and met my family at the apartment. When I got there, they were all still sleeping! As they got themselves ready for the day, I prepared a breakfast of crepes.
After breakfast we exchanged gifts. I had knit a hat for my mother and a hat and scarf for my sister. We also gave a hat that we had purchased in the Christmas Market to Papa. Since Grandma didn’t get a hat for Christmas, she made do with her new doily.

I took my family on a tour of my campus, and then down to Ouchy to see the lake. Sadly it was cold and very foggy, so we couldn’t even see the mountains across the lake. I was disappointed about that, because they are very majestic this time of year with their snowy peaks.
For dinner I prepared raclette, a melted cheese and potato dish. Megan was unsure about it at first, because she tried the cheese unmelted. The flavor changes completely when it’s melted though, so later she decided that she liked it very much. I really like raclette as well, more than I like fondue.

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